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Game Servers

Minecraft Servers

Minecraft premium is a shared minecraft server hosted on powerful servers featuring Solid State Discs to guarantee the best quality. The premium servers have a high scalability, starting at 256MB of RAM the servers are upgradable any time to up to 6GB. The slot count is configurable by default and the donation system provided by CTHosted make the premium servers ideal for creating and running your own community!

Starting at €3,45 p/m    

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Minecraft Dedicated

If your community needs the best of the best, the managed dedicated Minecraft servers is the way to go. The full computing power of a whole server at you disposal and basic DDoS protection you can accommodate several hundreds of players on your server. Contact us for all customizable options such as hardware configurations or additional software like TeamSpeak 3 on your dedicated server.

Starting at €59,95 p/m    

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