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TeamSpeak 3 Servers

10 slots

15 slots

20 slots

25 slots

30 slots

35 slots

40 slots

45 slots

50 slots

75 slots

100 slots

100+ slots

TeamSpeak 3 Controlpanel

TeamSpeak 3 server controlpanel TeamSpeak 3 server instellingen TeamSpeak 3 server gebruikers TeamSpeak 3 server bans TeamSpeak 3 server klachten

Authorized TeamSpeak Hosting Provider

We are an Authorized TeamSpeak Hosting Provider which grants permission to host and sell TeamSpeak servers.

Billing cycle bonus

Save money by selecting a longer billing cycle. Quarterly cuts 5% off the price, a semi-annual cylce 10%, and an annual billing cycle saves 15%.

Instant server setup

This service will be set up within moments after your payment. The server credentials are sent per email on a location independent, 24/7 basis.

Free filetransfer

The file transfer feature includes a free option with 50MB of storage and 500MB of traffic which can be activated in the order form. Additional file transfer options are also available.