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Virtual Private Servers

  CPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Price  
VPS 512 1 Core 512 MB 20 GB 250 GB € 7,95 Order
VPS 1024 1 Core 1024 MB 40 GB 500 GB € 12,95 Order
VPS 2048 2 Cores 2048 MB 60 GB 1000 GB € 22,95 Order
VPS 3072 3 Cores 3072 MB 80 GB 1500 GB € 32,95 Order
VPS 4096 4 Cores 4096 MB 100 GB 2000 GB € 42,95 Order

Instant server setup

This service will be set up within moments after your payment. The server credentials are sent per email on a location independent, 24/7 basis.

RAID-10 storage

This service uses the RAID-10 storage technique. RAID-10 increases performance whilst at the same time providing more security. A hard drive failure will not affect the server or any data on the drives.

SolusVM controlpanel

The SolusVM controlpanel allows you to manage every aspect of your VPS. You can reinstall it anytime with any Linux OS of your choice. You can also (re)boot, shutdown or connect to your VPS with the VNC viewer.

20 Gbit network

This service is connected to our own 20 Gbit (20.000 Mbit) load-balanced network. To guarantee optimal speeds and connectivity our fiber optics and switches are in a redundant setup.